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Immerse yourself in our world of handcrafted jewelry where beauty meets innovation. Experience the artistry of our unique colorization process, a mesmerizing fusion of metal dye layers and ceramic sealant. Meticulously crafted, each piece showcases vibrant hues in stunning patterns. With meticulous attention to detail, we create compelling gradients and seal them with ceramic, ensuring durability and brilliance. Discover wearable masterpieces that harmoniously blend craftsmanship and innovation. Explore our collection today and embrace the allure of our handcrafted jewelry, where every piece tells a story of artistic excellence.

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Beautiful hand-crafted 100% genuine leather belts. hand-dyed with bright dyes, colors include, pink, purple, turquoise, black , tan, blue, orange, reed with custom made Odell belt buckles in nickel plated brass.

Hand-Crafted Leather Belts

At Odell Design Studio, sustainability and longevity are our core values. We meticulously craft our products using 100% Genuine leather and nickel plated brass belt buckles, ethically sourced within the United States. With a focus on hand-cutting and hand-dyeing, our leather belts are not only built to last a lifetime but also leave minimal carbon footprints as they naturally return to the earth. Embrace our commitment to quality and eco-consciousness, and experience the enduring beauty of our handcrafted leather belts.

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Walk with your best furry friend in comfort and style

Introducing Odell Dog, the ultimate destination for extraordinary leather dog accessories. We've revolutionized the concept of pet harnesses, putting your furry friend's comfort first. Say goodbye to chafing and overheating caused by traditional nylon designs. Our meticulously crafted harnesses provide a perfect balance of simplicity, durability, and unparalleled style. Made from 100% Genuine Leather, sustainably sourced within the USA, our hand-dyed harnesses, collars, and leashes are a testament to our commitment to quality. Give your beloved companion the gift of comfort and fashion with Odell Dog.

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Colorful dog accessories including dog collars, harnesses, leashes. tricolor harnesses and two color leashes all hand made in NYC with 100% genuine leather. Dog accessories made to last with high quality leather sustainably sourced in the USA.

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