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Here at Odell Design Studio in NYC we discovered the most unique process to apply vivid, glorious, happy colors into jewelry making. By using a multi layer dye process to 14k nickel free gold and sterling silver plated brass,every piece of jewelry is hand-dyed making no two pieces the same and in turn one of a kind. All of our jewelry with this unique color process is sealed with a ceramic coating. Although our statement jewelry is big and bold, our earrings are incredibly lightweight.

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Beautiful hand-crafted 100% genuine leather belts. hand-dyed with bright dyes, colors include, pink, purple, turquoise, black , tan, blue, orange, reed with custom made Odell belt buckles in nickel plated brass.

Hand-Crafted Leather Belts

At Odell Design Studio we believe in sustainability and longevity. We take care to create our products from natural materials such as 100% Genuine leather and nickel plated brass belt buckles, sourced humanely in the United States. Our hand-dyed belts not only last a life time but will naturally go back into the earth with out causing huge carbon foot prints.

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Walk with your best furry friend in comfort and style

Odell Dog is HERE! For your beloved four-legged friends. We have designed our harnesses with your pets comfort in mind. No more chafing under the arms, or over heating from too much nylon covering the chest. Our Harnesses are simple, easy to use, made to last, and SO fashionable! Harnesses, collars, and leashes are hand-dyed and made from 100% Genuine Leather sustainably sourced in the USA.

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Colorful dog accessories including dog collars, harnesses, leashes. tricolor harnesses and two color leashes all hand made in NYC with 100% genuine leather. Dog accessories made to last with high quality leather sustainably sourced in the USA.

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